Communicate Better By De-Linking!

“So c’mon, get to it. How much am I going to get?”

My employee is thinking that so loudly that I can practically hear it. OK, maybe I’m just imagining it, but I know it is far too true. I’m in the middle of a performance review with one of my dispatchers at my delivery company. I’m patiently discussing all his skills and identifying those that are super strong, average or needing a bit of work.

The Greatest Advantage of Small Biz: Speed is Power!

Thought I’d share this short vid with you since it fits so well into the framework of Express Insights and Express Exec. Too few small business owners realize the value and the POWER of being able to act fast, respond quickly and take speedy action on so many decisions within your business.

5 Zero-Cost Ways to Re-energize your Workforce

An energized and engaged workforce can transform your business from an also-ran to a market leader. Building your team up so they enthusiastically greet customers, solve problems through their own initiative, and help to grow sales simply by doing their job exceedingly well is a giant step toward success.

The ONE most powerful motivational tool

I’m often asked, “What is the ONE best way to motivate your workforce?” Well, I immediately want to say, “There are a series of different techniques you can use”…and then go on to explain all of them, but I know nobody wants to hear that. They want one thing. So, I tell them the ONE thing that I’ve discovered is the most motivating technique (even though you really need to develop a positive connection between you and the employees before you do it).