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Communicate Better By De-Linking!

“So c’mon, get to it. How much am I going to get?”

My employee is thinking that so loudly that I can practically hear it. OK, maybe I’m just imagining it, but I know it is far too true. I’m in the middle of a performance review with one of my dispatchers at my delivery company. I’m patiently discussing all his skills and identifying those that are super strong, average or needing a bit of work.

5 Zero-Cost Ways to Re-energize your Workforce

An energized and engaged workforce can transform your business from an also-ran to a market leader. Building your team up so they enthusiastically greet customers, solve problems through their own initiative, and help to grow sales simply by doing their job exceedingly well is a giant step toward success.

The ONE most powerful motivational tool

I’m often asked, “What is the ONE best way to motivate your workforce?” Well, I immediately want to say, “There are a series of different techniques you can use”…and then go on to explain all of them, but I know nobody wants to hear that. They want one thing. So, I tell them the ONE thing that I’ve discovered is the most motivating technique (even though you really need to develop a positive connection between you and the employees before you do it).